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Mandinga is the devil in Venezuela.
He is Mandinga himself!!!
by helloworld May 10, 2004
Saphira, or Sapphire, is beautiful gem. She is one of the main character in 'Elemental', which is not yet published. She has medium brown hair, shoulder-length, and bright forest green eyes. She is a faerie, a close relitive to the despised faires that appear in fairy tales. Her 'partner' is Jace. Her close friend and other main character is Pheonix. Saphira is named after the 'lier' Sapphira in the Bible, who is also a murdurer, the killing never recorded. Sapphira is Saphira's ancestor. Saphira was also named this because of a saphire blue birthmark on her left shoulder, also her fighting arm. She wears a black sapphire necklace at all times and wears mostly black.
"Sapphire Stone, Saphira."
"Saphira Stone"
by HelloWorld May 01, 2014
Communist-Nazi is something that would actually make the world a paradise.
Communist-Nazi is kool!
by helloworld July 12, 2004

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