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The act of pretending to be texting, or talking on the cell phone in front of people. To look cool
Every time Zack came down from the elevator he would have his hands in his pocket and magically his phone would ring. In front of everyone sitting in the lobby, he would communifake to look as if he was busy and important and start off his pretend conversation with,,, WHATS UP MAN!!
by moozing October 20, 2008
(v) Communifake: to pretend to call, text, IM, etc. on your phone but are really talking to no one.
(Usually used when alone or to avoid talking to people you see)

(n)Communifaker: Someone who does the above. See Communifake

"Since I was standing outside a McDonald's alone, I decided to communifake while waiting for Mary to pick me up."
by Brianna Leigh November 05, 2008

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