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To dissuade others from commenting on someone's status by posting a distracting reply.
Stacy's Facebook status: "Wow, so messy! It's like Charlie Sheen's been living here."
Emma's reply: "Charlie Sheen is an underrated actor."
Stacy's reply: "You totally just comment-blocked me"
by The Ultra Lame 14-year-olds January 04, 2011
1) A way to keep your opinion to yourself but show negative energy.
1) Guy: Hey honey, what do you think of these short shorts?

Girl: hiccup

Guy: Are you ok?

Girl: yeah i'm fine lol I comment blocked myself.
by fell345co February 11, 2011
when you post something on facebook and a total loser comments on it, preventing others from commenting also.
peson: "dammit! that hyna jeffrey commented on my post! i might as well delete it because he just comment blocked me! motherfucker!!"
by waterpolo15 July 16, 2011
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