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Comfort Waves are emitted by men while they are doing something they enjoy, especially around the house, or are generally comfortable. If you're enjoying the lazy Saturday afternoon, you're emitting Comfort Waves. Browsing the internet for no good reason? Yes, you're emitting Comfort Waves!

Only mothers, wives, and girlfriends perceive Comfort Waves. These waves are very annoying to women; they sound like a high-pitched buzzing. Wives will try anything to get these Comfort Waves to stop! Common tactics include: honey-do lists, dinner with the in-laws, window shopping, "just talking".

Womens' ability to perceive comfort waves is diminished if they've recently consumed: wine, chocolate, cake, ice cream.

A proper man-cave blocks Comfort Waves.
Jim: Last Sunday I was watching the Big Game, and as soon as I opened my beer, my wife comes up with this long list of things to do!

John: Gotta watch out for those Comfort Waves!
by CyberNixon February 09, 2011

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