When you are comfortable enough around someone to flatulate.
Jorga was comfartable around Luke by now, and she was happy about that. But Luke wasn't. comfartable comfart
by Boobals November 07, 2013
Top Definition
The feeling in a relationship where you are comfortable enough to fart in front of your significant other; content with smelling a significant other's gaseous exhaust.
Honey, I've finally become totally comfartable with you.
by Rach to the el July 24, 2008
The point in a relationship when one or both parties are comfortable farting in front of eachother.
Adam dumped Eva when she was comfartable well before he was.
by Lotuschef September 17, 2015
- to be in a comfortable position to break wind
- to find a position which relieves gastro-intestinal discomfort caused by trapped wind
- the act of relieving such discomfort by breaking wind
Conor was suffering a bad case of wind. He had to get comfartable before he continued his meal.
Nita made herself comfartable, and relieved the pressure of wind in her gut.
by kelvinsdrift October 20, 2010
1. Miss-spelling of the word comfortable

2. When you're comfortable farting in front of someone.
"Our relationship is at that comfartable stage."
by ComfyG August 20, 2011
a smelling foul comment.
You think that woman is a hot public political figure with substance?? That is soooo comfartable imho, to think that.
by ladyMatea June 22, 2011
Providing physical comfort to the point of disregarding normaly accepted social behavior.

Free from all stress or anxiety; at complete ease: Producing feelings of ease or security.
A comfartable evening at home gasing out your girlfriend or close friends.
by Jon May 07, 2005
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