(V) The act of changing a neighbor's TV programs with you're Comcast remote. Generally done from outside a family room window so as to see the neighbors' reaction. This works because all Comcast remotes work with all Comcast cable boxes.
Paul:Hey, wanna go ding-dong ditching?
Jimmy: I'd rather go Comcasting.

Barb: Why did the TV channel just change?
Marge:It's those darn kids, they're always Comcasting.
by JumpinGinger February 06, 2011
Top Definition
When you take your universal Comcast remote to other peoples houses and confuse them by changing the channel, turning the tv off, ect. Usually done through a window, but can be done blind (through walls).
Me and Jake went Comcasting last night. It was crazy, we ordered a ton of movies for my neighbor with on demand.
by Haxed13 November 22, 2009
Comcast (-ing) (-ed) - Verb
1. An abuse of power/authority/or systematic control to detrimental effects.

2. A paradoxical system; i.e. an unsolvable maze.
After being put on hold for a customer service representative, the customer service representative told me I had to be put on hold for a customer service representative. I hung up when I realized they were Comcasting me.
by Someone without internet March 07, 2014
Verb; the act of intermittently dropping internet connection.
Nah I can't play left for dead, there's a thunderstorm and my internet is comcasting :(
by Zeno Tasedro February 12, 2009
Used to describe a request with an unrealistic turnaround time. Derived from the comcast commercial where the woman orders a latte then immediately asks "where's my latte"
Can you write a report on the history of the world...is that report on the history of the world ready yet? - Comcasting
by Robness December 22, 2006
To subtly, steadily increase someone's monthly bill, with the hope that they won't notice the month-to-month increase. Often used in conjunction with vague services fees and deceptive promotional periods. Considered widely to be the douchiest form of accounting.
Goddamnit, every month my bill goes up by $3-$4 because of some bullshit fee, and the only way I can get my bill back to where it was is by spending 2hours arguing on the phone. They are really comcasting us.
by bradybjr March 27, 2015
A sex move in which you shit on your partners face while punching them in their genitals and then send them a bill for it.
I have been comcasting nearly every night, but I still can't afford to pay my rent in full.
by dosesandmimosas January 03, 2016
Comcasting is actually a sex move in which you shit on your partners face while punching them in their genitals and then send them a bill for it.
The tyrannical CEO of Comcast paradoxically enjoyed being comcasted as he was usually the one comcasting everyone else.
by DCVulcan3 January 03, 2016

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