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2 definitions by Haxed13

When you take your universal Comcast remote to other peoples houses and confuse them by changing the channel, turning the tv off, ect. Usually done through a window, but can be done blind (through walls).
Me and Jake went Comcasting last night. It was crazy, we ordered a ton of movies for my neighbor with on demand.
by Haxed13 November 22, 2009
Since the only definition of fireflies are about that stupid, overplayed song, I'm writing a real one.

Fireflies are little bugs that have chemicals to make their abdomens light up. They do this to attract mates, but it looks pretty damn cool also.

They are also for catching and putting in jars ^_^
Me and my friend went out and caught fireflies yesterday.
by Haxed13 December 10, 2009