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When you take your universal Comcast remote to other peoples houses and confuse them by changing the channel, turning the tv off, ect. Usually done through a window, but can be done blind (through walls).
Me and Jake went Comcasting last night. It was crazy, we ordered a ton of movies for my neighbor with on demand.
by Haxed13 November 22, 2009
Used to describe a request with an unrealistic turnaround time. Derived from the comcast commercial where the woman orders a latte then immediately asks "where's my latte"
Can you write a report on the history of the world...is that report on the history of the world ready yet? - Comcasting
by Robness December 22, 2006
Verb; the act of intermittently dropping internet connection.
Nah I can't play left for dead, there's a thunderstorm and my internet is comcasting :(
by Zeno Tasedro February 12, 2009
Comcast (-ing) (-ed) - Verb
1. An abuse of power/authority/or systematic control to detrimental effects.

2. A paradoxical system; i.e. an unsolvable maze.
After being put on hold for a customer service representative, the customer service representative told me I had to be put on hold for a customer service representative. I hung up when I realized they were Comcasting me.
by Someone without internet March 07, 2014
(V) The act of changing a neighbor's TV programs with you're Comcast remote. Generally done from outside a family room window so as to see the neighbors' reaction. This works because all Comcast remotes work with all Comcast cable boxes.
Paul:Hey, wanna go ding-dong ditching?
Jimmy: I'd rather go Comcasting.

Barb: Why did the TV channel just change?
Marge:It's those darn kids, they're always Comcasting.
by JumpinGinger February 06, 2011