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A combination of things. Usually in a hectic and chaotic manner, but connected enough to make sense. Similar to concoction, but with less measuring. Like Jumble, but with more cohesion. Usually each part of a combobulation is different and ridiculous enough to require a use of the word "combobulation".

Should always be used in the manner of: _____ is a combobulation of _____, _____, and _____.

Never: i combobulated _____ out of _____, _____, and _____.
What the hell, this food is like a combobulation of feces, stognaoff, and crackers.
#combination #connection #concoction #jumble #mess
by ReZeroX April 10, 2006
combination of a whole lot of messed up shit.
Cassie is hot
by Sarah January 20, 2004
addition of any two or more numbers
what is the combobulation of 4 and 7...11
#addition #adding #sum of #opposite of subtration #putting together
by Bridg-ee October 12, 2006
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