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In Unreal Tournament series, a shock combo is a powerful but difficult attack that require extensive practice to became wieldy. The 'Combo whore' is an award recived when a player score 15 kills in single match, using the shock combo.

In Unreal Tournament 3 the award changed to the name 'combo king'.
A: WOW! I got 'combo whore' award!.
B: That can't be easy.
by doomleika March 19, 2009
a expression used during the game dotA(defense of the Ancients) or in Unreal torney. USed when many players gank another players using "speical" abilities.
Player got killed by team 1
team1 guy:wtf was that
team1 guy2: stupid annocer
by Cowlord March 15, 2005
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