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A drink popular in Portland, OR. It is made from Sunny Delight and Everclear. It is also known as a getto screwdriver.
I know dude, I had like eight colwyns!
by Mr. Cnowledge August 08, 2011
9 0
A borough near Darby, Pennsylvania. Many blacks and white trash live there. Also many self-righteous soccer moms live there and they don't know how to discipline their kids.

A current state of "white flight" is going on as the neighborhood becomes "darker."
"Eew look at that overweight soccer mom with a mullet! Why is she yelling at the coach? Can't she just accept that her kid is playing in a game and fair is fair?" asked Juliette.

"I woouldn't expect too much--she's from Colywn," said Pete.
by uneeda biscuit2 January 14, 2005
2 3