An annoying little twit who finds it funny to spam UrbanDictionary requests in IRC.
Found to live in desolate areas.
by DanWhite September 01, 2008
Top Definition
Peter Rasputin. A member of the X-Men who could change his skin to organic steel. Romantically involved with Shadowcat, A.K.A. Kitty Pryde, and with Zsaji, the alien healer. Killed while testing the cure for the Legacy Virus.
Poor old Colossus- he died for the team.
by Braavosi May 22, 2003
Being incredibly strong, like the marvel super hero
Ive been working out so now im Colossus and i could destroy you
by COLOSSUS August 03, 2003
An amazing coaster at thorpe park.You fall out in the inlines.
Colossus is good and i love it not like alton towers which is poo.
by David Jayne willaims January 23, 2005

Embarassingly big object.
Can only be used when in the presence of the object, so the owner or object itself can hear, yet not understand the context.
John, did you cycle in on your colossus today?

That number 6 has a colossus following him around in the scrum!
by islandsnakehips August 09, 2009
The act crying, vomiting, urinating, defecating, and sneezing simultaneously.

Other bodily functions that qualify for the colossus are: coughing, belching, farting, sharting, or bleeding.

Note: a mini-colossus is the combination of any thee functions at once.
Gross, dude, did you just colossus?
by el michelob October 18, 2011
a total cock face.
you are a colossus.
by Revorg August 31, 2008

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