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Kathryn 'Kitty' Pryde, one-time youngest member of the legendary mutant team known as the X-Men. Her power was known as Corporal Intangability, which would let her 'phase' her molecules through any solid object, effectively passing through it like a ghost. Formerly known by the code names 'Sprite' and 'Ariel,' she later went on to be a founding member of Britain's premiere superhero team, Excalibur.
Running as fast as she could, Shadowcat phased through the obstacles that got in her way.
by Sleazy E February 23, 2004
X-men evolution shadowcat, kitty pryde. She and Nightcrawler (kurt) are soulmates ^_^ Kurtty ( Kurt/Kitty) all the way!
Bye shadowcat!
by Boombaby October 03, 2003
1. An X-Man, real name Kitty Pryde, power is walking through walls
2. A girl with an easily accessible asshole and/or vagina
1. You see that episode of X-Men Evolution where Shadowcat meets that telepath Daniel Moonstar?

2. That chick a banged last night was a real shadowcat, really quick sex.
by illerra December 31, 2012
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