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1.adj. Like a colon.
2.v. Group or society.
1.Wow, this food is really colony.
2.Look, a colony of ants
by Holdino July 01, 2005
9 51
A country which is run by the government of another country. Officials and many inhabitants often come from the "mother country".

The mother country is the country that governs the colony.
by Jafje May 10, 2007
69 19
The BEST pizza place ever

Located in Stamford, CT
I went to Colony last night, it's the best pizza EVER.
by cbamember February 25, 2005
69 64
Screen name of that one guy on GameWinners.Com.
Colony should mod the Ocarina of Time forum
by Colony September 20, 2003
5 45
Puerto Rico... the last colony on earth
Puerto Rico is a colony of the fucking United States.
by Wooloo May 03, 2006
10 60