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parents that have the strictness of traditional amish parents, but not the religon. (Not for real)
daughter: My parents are so omish, they're not letting me hang out with my friend tonight because he's a boy.They never let me have any fun. They also said my curfew is eight o'clock.
by sarapags June 23, 2007
When you are fucking someone from behind, you cum in their ass, punch them in the back of the head, scream Rumspringa and do the pony out of the room. Then you jump in their buggy and leave.
Did you hear about the time Alan gave JC an Omish?
by dog pile April 16, 2011
omishhhhhhhh. i love them omish people. (:
when i say omish you say llama.

Omish. LLAMA.
Omish. LLAMA.

when i say queen you say latifa.
queen. LATIFA.
queen. Latifa.

by CassieLovesYouBitch May 14, 2009
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