A West Australian science teacher (Mr Sanders) that had an unimaginably dry sense of humour. His attire consisted of one similar to a 1970's porn star - brown afro hair, skin tight short shorts and a handle-bar moustache. With his wire-framed glasses and pomigramit complexion, he instilled fear in the hearts of many lower-school Rossmoyne children with his constant threat of "yard duty".

His legend also extends to the kindness afforded to young female students who were moved to the front benches, particularly the blonder, bustier ones.
Tyler: *daydreaming while looking out the window*
Colonel Sanders: "Tyler, what are you doing?"
Tyler: "I'm just looking out the window watching the leaves blow around in the wind."
Colonel Sanders: "How would you like to watch the rubbish blow around.....WHILE YOU DO YARD DUTY!"
by "Pij", "Cock" & "Bac'cie" July 25, 2007
Top Definition
A chicken's worst enemy.
God bless Colonel Sanders for his beautiful creation.
by TheBurninator November 28, 2003
The Colonel was one of the leaders of a revolutonary guerrila movement against livestock. Sanders was much like his communist counter part Che Guevera. Sanders, originally from Kentucky, rose to fame when he and his squad composed of Kentucky's finest fried chicken cooks launched a daring raid on old Wally Smith's farm. Smith, out numbered and out gunned, surrendered the chicken to Sanders and his rag-tag crew of chicken cooks. Upon hearing this General McDonald, who was the originator of the guerrila movement, promoted capitan Sanders to a full colonel in the guerilla army. General McDonald went on to establish the pouplar fast food joint McDonalds. Colonel Sanders went on the fine dining establishment we know today as Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC.
Rupert: Even here in England that Colonel Sanders cooks some fine chicken.

Reginald:Indeed he does.

Rupert:God Save the Queen!

Reginald:And the Colonel too!

by Ron Cassinger December 22, 2005
1. Patron Saint of Fried Chicken
2. Inventor of the Secret Blend of Herbs and Spices
3. Creator of KFC
Every day I thank the lord that Colonel Sanders came up with his secret blend of herbs and spices.
by Miguel Sanchez July 06, 2003
Founder of the Kentucky Fried Chicken empire, now known as KFC. God bless you, Colonel, with sincere best wishes.
Colonel Sanders is god.
by Daniel Santo October 17, 2003
The "Colonel Sanders" is when your girlfriend or wife gives you oral sex. You cum above her upper lip and make a mustache. Then you put a little on her chin, for the goatee.

There are a couple variations to this:

A "Colonel Sanders with a Pearl Tooth" is the above action but when your partner smiles, you squeeze a little cum on her front tooth.

A "Colonel Sanders with a Monacle" is the above action and you put the last bit of cum in her eye.
He wanted to surprise his girlfriend so he gave her the Colonel Sanders last night.
by thecolonel-2010 October 08, 2010
The reason why a lot of black people join the army....they want to meet their hero Colonel Sanders of KFC
yo i love this chicken so much im gonna join the army to suck colonel sanders' dick.
by kfc lover January 19, 2009
A person who eats and/or prepares so much fried chicken their cholesterol levels are dangerous.
Man I don't feel so good, went to the doctor and my lab results were off the charts; got to stop having Colon El Sanders prepare my meals.
by Mediumdave22 February 23, 2011
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