When you have intercourse with hot sauce on your penis. :)
after i gave her the colonel sanders she ran to the bathroom yelling "IT BURNS".
by BOOMERWASHERE February 14, 2009
A Colonel Sanders is a complex sexual maneuver. You take a bucket of KFC chicken, take a chicken leg out, stick it in your parters anus, empty out the remaining chicken, put the empty bucket on your partners head so they cannot see, then toss the chicken at them yelling "Colonel Sanders!!!".
I gave her a Colonel Sanders!
by Col. Evan April 07, 2008
deranged murderer of chickens
"Psycho Killer Qu'est-ce que c'est"- The Talking Heads on Colonel Sanders
by guitarist1 November 15, 2006
The founder of KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken is the new era of slavery, putting black people back at work..they loves them fried chicken!
Sharpton for prezident y'all! Im outie! Peace
by James Lowe September 21, 2004
Creator of KFC
Oh I hated the colonel with his wee beedy eyes, and that smug look on his face - "ooh you're gonna buy my chicken, hoho"
by mep June 10, 2004
Former cook for the special forces. Started fast food chain after receiving dishonorable discharge for conduct unbecomming of an officer.
I don't like the look in his eye.....he is a trained killer disgiused as someones grandfather.
by Gunny May 15, 2005
A colonel sanders is really when you take peice of fried chicken (usually a drumstick), and use it on a girl as a dildo. Thats just the simple version. to make it a true colonel sanders you have to share the peice of chicken when your done. yummmmmmmmmm
Me and this girl did a colonel sanders last night. It tasted GrrrrrrEAT!!
by that guy January 27, 2005
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