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the generic name of the person that just stole your hot missus
'that fucking collo cunt took my bitch'
by tnuk<- April 15, 2009
the title for one who will do ur missus and not call her back. generally possesses a large slong and usually sets the trend rather than following it.
"hey collo"
"hey man can u tell ur mum to ice those bruises and that ill get her toys back to her next week"

"what fag wears suspenders with high jeans?"
"Collo does"
"It must be cool then"
"hail Collo"
by Big D pups April 16, 2009
smelly bastard. he lives in a 1 house ghetto stinks of sweat poo wee sick and dried cabbage flakes.
"collo u smell"
"collo smells"
"collo is smelly"
"smelly kid"
by Lee April 06, 2005
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