Reality show term (apparently) meaning to scare the living hell out of a famous pop star and cause her to increase her personal security detail.
"Remember, Nicki Menaj, you and I are gonna do a collide!"

"Crap, Joe! American Idol sure has some freakyshit on that show!"
by bukowsky January 18, 2013
Top Definition
1. When two objects smack into one another.

2. An incredibly good goth / industrial band, who make sensual, beautiful music. Discover at
1. The car collided with the wall.

2. This new Collide album has made me do a merry little dance in it's honour.
by StigmataMartyr July 30, 2004
Definition - used as a exclamation! when two people have similar ideas, or, share convergent thought patterns.

Gestures - it is often accompanied by a hand gestures. where the persons two hands are clenched and brought together.

Pronunciation - the word collide is said with the emphasis on the -ide. which is typically drawn out. i.e. COL-I...DE! as to sound as though the word collide is spelt with several I's

Origin - within the scientific academic elite of the UK, the word collide developed an alternative meaning to the traditional use within the English language. the word COLLIDE! used at the end/or beginning of a sentence has been incorporated into popular scientific language throughout many universities and associated social circles.
person A: the elements in this rock suggest is is formed from melted mantle contaminated by the crust.
person B: COLLIDE! i was thinking the same thing

person A: i fancy eggs for breakfast
person B: COLLIDE! (its funny you should say that), i just this moment put them on
by subduction_docking April 18, 2011
Leona Lewis' new single, due out early August
Can't wait to hear Leona Lewis' new single Collide
by heyhilol July 12, 2011
A quality band
Collide's the the best band in the world
by john kilopy March 23, 2004
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