full of potheads and hicks. the only thing it's known for is being right next to an international airport and June lives there....
Colleyville=hickville where June lives
by hi April 11, 2004
Top Definition
Recently marked the #1 city to live in (Texas) by CNN Money as of Summer 2005. Great Atmosphere! Many new developments and a place to enjoy all seasons.
Real Estate Values Soaring
by Matt G. August 10, 2005
Colleyville, TX. Town in Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW Metroplex). Affluent town of about 20,000; local high school is Colleyville Heritage and is one of the top high schools in the country. Colleyville shares many similarities with next-door Southlake, TX (also home to Heritage rival Southlake Carroll), and Colleyville is in a joint school district with Grapevine, TX.

The city's biggest flaw is that it believes it has no flaws. A slew of teen suicides in 2004 and a steroid abuse scandal in the high school football team landed Colleyville Heritage on the front page of Newsweek. The town has recovered swimmingly. But constant, unmonitored teen partying and rampant prescription drug abuse continue with little attention. Parents are often blamed for giving their kids too many luxuries without any supervision.
Colleyville shares many students with Grapevine, but has more in common with the developing town of Southlake.
by PittFan January 01, 2006
rich ass suburb of Dallas, and surrounded by other rich ass towns (see Southlake, Grapevine). The city council regulates what types of roofs, windows, and (in some neighborhoods) the size of houses that are allowed to be built. Apartments are illegal to construct by law. The homeless carry laptops. Colleyville ranks 68th in the nation for highest average income (about $120k/year).
Damn, Colleyville shopping center is expensive.
by D.B.T. December 22, 2005
An interesting alternate universe filled with future investment bankers, swiss watches, german automobiles, and lots and lots of drugs. Fun. Basically, a mixture of the best qualities of Monaco and Amsterdam.
Colleyville is at the top of the trickle-down money ladder. The town is filled with many fashion-sensible, upper class families. Most of their money goes to their kids, which goes towards their drugs -- keeping the ghettos in Arlington and Dallas booming.
by notisaidthecat February 02, 2006
home of a lot of beautiful people,rich familes,hot girls,hot hot boys and has some of the greatest clothes you could find in the cute little botiques. Its just a great place to be and even BETTER if you are lucky enough to live here
Colleyville makes every other school look like crap.
by Pntrs06 December 30, 2005
Colleyville, Texas. Town that endures the verbal abuse of other cities while still welcoming the dreams and aspirations of anyone. Impossible to stereotype, yet often the subject of the cruelest stereotypes.
Most Colleyville families aren't pompous or arrogant, and their kids don't party or engage in casual sex on the weekends.
by Anonymousd December 30, 2005
believe it or not, it is a place with normal people live. kids dont drive around in BMWs (well, maybe three or four) they are lucky to get beat up '76 hondas. Don't judge, because you have never/don't live here. dont get me wrong, there are a few extremely superficial, but not very many. they have a normal high school just like everyone else. there is sex, drugs, and parties but everyone cares about theirs because they are supposed to have a better life or whatever. wrong, they are just like you but they have everyone staring at them. also, there are apartments in colleyville as well as smaller homes. very few of them have 10,000 sq. foot homes. oh, and there are some cute boutiques :]
Cody: Man I wen't to Colleyville this weekend. You know how everyone's always like 'oh yeah, they are so rich, drivin around in their BMWs'.

Stan: Yeah, so? Aren't they?

Cody: Nah man! I saw so many trashed cars, it was like a monster truck rally!
by SmittenLeafer April 16, 2008

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