A well touted college in the south. Most think its private but its actually public. Oldest municipal college in America. Campus is frequently being used to film Hollywood movies and television shows (like the Notebook, for example). Right in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. For women, beauty is an admission requirement. It has to be the friendliest campus in the US. The northerners laugh at the southern kids for wearing uggz and patagonias when its 60 degrees out. The campus is so old we have a term for tripping on the old cobblestones, enjoy the Charleston Shuffle.
SC kid: "Why'd you go to College of Charleston if South Carolina offered you a full ride?"

CofC kid: "Had a 3.8 gpa and a 1350 SAT, I went to CofC because the 5:1 female to male ratio was worth the extra money. Chucktown is the shit!"
by Nuthin but the best December 04, 2011
Top Definition
COFC is not just a college, it is a state of mind. It is a place full of old houses, beautiful women, large bugs, and giant churches. Popular recreational activities include but are not limited to: alcohol, drugs, music, going to the beach, keg parties, sex, drugs, laying at the park, and drugs.
Mary Louisa: Where are we going to do it tonight?

Frat Boy: My brothers are having a little shin-dig over on Morris street, but I think I'm going to have to buy some cocaine before I go out.

Random Pseudo-hippie: "headies, lucy, boomers, BC, ether, hash-oil, brownies!"
by Humaphobe March 11, 2005
CofC is an up and comming school with a competitive academic system...not only are the academics good but so are the drugs, beaches, weed, women;5 to 1 ratio of girls to guys. If you could live in a fantasy world and maintain doing your hw at the same time then this is the school for you.....The only down side is that that southern girls dont put out, and if you are not wearing a sun dress at least 5 days a week, you are a loser, shows how much southern girls know about fashion....southern guys shouldnt be left out either, their sense of clothes consists of khaki shorts and tucked in shirts on a daily basis, well at least thats the only initiation for getting into a frat, and trust me frat life is kinda gay at college of charleston.......
....Girls sun bath in their bikinis on the College of Charleston library lawn
by MMMC May 23, 2007
A haven for the children of America’s elite who prefer beaches to blizzards, “The College” is one of the most beautiful schools in the world and offers a nice change from the New England prep schools from which many out-of-state students come. Academics are strong at CofC and opportunities abound for those who work for them. CofC is much more than a school, it is a way of life that is never forgotten. It provides the ultimate college experience with parties in 200-year-old mansions and keggers on the beach as well as the type of education needed to maintain the ultimate trust fund baby lifestyle that many CofC students are accustomed to. BMWs, black cards, and Burberry are all common sights around campus. Rooftop bars and 100’ boats are common places to drink with your friends who prefer champagne cocktails to the $1 Wednesday night specials, though those do when the weather isn’t cheery. Daddy is the preferred bank around campus and summer homes for CofC students can be found from Cape Cod to Palm Beach while favorite Spring Break destinations are Panama City Beach and Puerto Vallarta thought the ultimate goal is always to return to the greatest place in the world, The College of Charleston.
Trust Fund Kid 1- Where are you going to school?
TFK 2- College of Charleston
TFK 1-Why? You got into Yale.
TFK 2- Because Charleston has palm trees and it's not like I have to get a real job out of college anyway.
TFK 1- True man. See you in Hyannisport this summer!
by Greek for Life October 23, 2013
Home of future home of current rapist and naturalist Connor Mccoy. Be aware of his large and in charge presence, and hide yo friends and hide yo roommates.
Lock your dorms at the College of Charleston, Connor Mccoy is walking down Calhoun Street as we speak!
by russianprivjet July 12, 2011
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