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2 definitions by MMMC

CofC is an up and comming school with a competitive academic system...not only are the academics good but so are the drugs, beaches, weed, women;5 to 1 ratio of girls to guys. If you could live in a fantasy world and maintain doing your hw at the same time then this is the school for you.....The only down side is that that southern girls dont put out, and if you are not wearing a sun dress at least 5 days a week, you are a loser, shows how much southern girls know about fashion....southern guys shouldnt be left out either, their sense of clothes consists of khaki shorts and tucked in shirts on a daily basis, well at least thats the only initiation for getting into a frat, and trust me frat life is kinda gay at college of charleston.......
....Girls sun bath in their bikinis on the College of Charleston library lawn
by MMMC May 23, 2007
when you get the shivers from rolling
me-damn bro its cold out

friend-nah bro you just got the E chills
by MMMC May 24, 2007