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Can be thought of as just extremely liberal college students, where there are shrooms, acid, lots of pot, "hippy"-clothes, classic rock, etc., involved. Can be hardcore, but not nearly as hardcore as the hippies of yesterday. While real hippies have a totally different kind of lifestyle than the average American, College Know-It-All Hippies are just college students who usually come from upper middle-class families where their parents pay for them to go to school, which goes against what actually makes a real-life hippy.

Free speech applies to them and them only--not those dirty, filthy conservatives. They tend to talk about moving outside of the United States, because life in America has treated them oh so terribly (even with Freedom of Speech/Freedom of Expression, which is what these new hippies are based on). They pick out the government's flaws, and they tend to know very little about how money, government, other types of authority work, and then they have the "fuck government/all corperations" mentality based on those little pieces of "knowledge." Many CKIAH tend to think that freedom of expression and freedom of speech mean "I can do whatever I want, and if you complain, you're just a normal person, and being normal is a very bad thing." Many of them actually believe in movies like Loose Change, or any other 9/11-was-a-government-conspiracy BS. Last, they tend to read a lot of books where they say they get their fascinating knowledge, when really, they only read them because the books agree with them--I mean hey, they're know-it-alls.
Tripping CKIAH: "Look man, 9/11 was a government conspiracy! They flew planes into their own World Trade Center, and then the United States tried to destroy their own military! Then they KILLED soldiers by going to war! See what I mean man? Bush is evil!"

Normal kid: "Don't listen to them, they're college know-it-all hippies."
by werty8u90p-o987t6rertiop May 08, 2007
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