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The end product from 2 or more celebrities joining forces to collaborate on a project.

Effectively, a collabrity may boost the star power of established A list celebrities resulting in a 'AA' wow factor; or, a collabrity may add value to lesser known B / C list celebrities helping them rise to the A list.

Collabrities are most prevalent in the music scene, with the collaboration between 2 or more celebrities on a song, video or an entire record, but this term applies across the arts. Furthermore, artists are crossing genres as a result.
'Telephone' by Lady Gaga ft Beyonce is a Collabrity.

'California Girls' by Katy Perry ft Snoop Dogg is a Collabrity. 'Never Say Never' by Justin Bieber ft Jaden Smith is a Collabrity.
'I Like That' by Richard Vission and Static Avenger ft Luciana is a Collabrity.
by Crimson Berry June 24, 2010

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