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Collaboration. Some people use it when making videos. A collaboration video.
Dude: Hey lets make a video together!! xD

Girl: You mean like a collab?

Dude: Yup! A collab video it is! :D
by RickStars. (NickyName. =P) November 09, 2008
100 22
short for collaborate, used in the context of hanging out with someone.
brah, we so need to collab this weekend.
by j. ro October 23, 2003
61 44
Noun referring to a user with editing rights on the messageboards and artist-and-release entries on the Metal Music Archives and ProgArchives pages.

'Collab' is an abbreviated form of 'collaborator'.
Welcome to the collab ranks.
by Master of Evöl March 05, 2011
14 18
The best multiuser flash development everf (www.collab.nl)
Dude, I love collab, it rock my ass
by Kintay January 10, 2005
16 54