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adj; To be constantly full of speeling mistarks and grammer, errors,.!

n1: To have a legitimate reason for being cute and adorable. cute

To have the love of one fine lady Sam
n1: 'God that woman is one Hot Colie'
by Sam March 29, 2004
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only the hottest guy around! man he is one sexy beast, not too mention funny and sweet! and one cute smile. absolutly dreamy. WOO!
damn colie is so F-ing HOTTTTTT!!!!!
he so CUTE!!!!!
by babe November 12, 2004
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niCOLIE.. heehee an awesome figure skating chickatee hahaha country ya right... well she tries to be! sprial like sasha haha amazing friend for over 5 years.. LOVE YA COLIE!
by : D July 24, 2004
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