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A Colesy is a male gym junkie who is renowned for sending naked selfies to 12 year olds for sexual favours. Usually a Colesy has a hawttttt mumm called Debbie that likes the occasional sausage in her pooper.

A Colesy also likes to wear 'swag' clothes most days, the weekends are commonly called 'extra swag' days.

A Colesy will often fall in love with his female friends after a few weeks.

He thinks his dreads are 'metro' but they are not.

Dont be tricked by his masculanity and his jungle like chest hair, he has the emotions of a 'twelvie'.
Colesy always cries after he consumes alcohol, also when he is cut from football teams e.g Under 15's Colin Sylvia Football squad
by Doganaghy April 21, 2013