Where I live. Very good school (something like a 99.9% college acceptance rating). although I must say that there are a lot of preppy kids here. Also the birthplace of genetics (where DNA was first discovered by watson and crick). Located on Long Island, NY right on the border of Suffolk and Nassau county, but I think it's considered to be in Suffolk county.
Billy, where was DNA discovered?
Cold Spring Harbor, teacher lady.
by Andrew Klein January 27, 2005
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kids that are extremely preppy and wealthy. many hot girls and guys. CSHHS is the high school to be. It's a public school, yet a private school
I wish I lived in Cold Spring Harbor
by anonymous December 19, 2004
Cold Spring Harbor: The breeding ground for lindsay lohan, Wally szczerbiak, Billy Joel, John Lennon(mid 1970-1980,Meg Whitman (ceo of ebay) James D. Watson(founder of the Watson Crick DNA model) and plenty more to come... the high school is a lacrosse powerhouse
Cold Spring Harbor loves dennis bon
by anonymous1456 March 19, 2006
The location where Watson and Crick discovered the structure of DNA, where they stole all the ideas from Rosalind Franklin because they're liars. But now, Cold Spring Harbor mostly consists of rich preps who are good at LAXXXXX and smoke pot. mad rager man. ..... do work. This town is also known as Coke Spring Harbor and is hated by everyone in south Huntington.
Wow, that Cold Spring Harbor is whack.
by RISxLOVESxMUSIC February 14, 2009
Cold Spring Harbor is the name of Billy Joel's Frist Solo LP witch was released in 1971 on the family productions lable though it didn't get much air play due to the fact the album got sped up & masterd at the wrong speed in 1983 sony music Remixed edited and re-released the album at the corrected speed
After Playing Keybords in Past bands Billy Joel Released his frist solo album Cold Spring Harbor
by Billy Joel Fan January 20, 2005
A hamlet within Huntington Township on Long Island. It is known for a wealthy and snobby populace, few of whom are smart enough to tie their own $120 sneakers. Good people in this part of town are scarce, as the majority of them have money on account of inheritance or sheer ruthlessness. The offspring of these individuals, therefore, usually turn out very spoiled, selfish, and incompetant. Everyone's kids go off to good colleges because their parents have lots of money and connections. Cold Spring Harbor High School takes pride in its accademic reputation, though very little actually learning occurs within the classrooms. During the 1800s, Cold Spring Harbor was a prosperous whaling and trading port. These days, its commerce consists largely of small shops geared towards upperclass middle aged people. The rates of violent crime are low, but the area has a severe drug problem, with increasing numbers of teenage drug addicts.
Cold Spring Harbor isn't as grand as it sounds.
by Joey Pitchfork July 24, 2006
a very preppy place with a handful of poser rebellious goths. the hot guys are all graduating, so soon, CSHHS will be ugly. o so sad
Nick Scricco is a junoir
by anonymous March 14, 2005
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