Having sex with a dead body.
"Dahmer was sick with all that cold pizza."
#jeff #dahmer #cold #pizza #sex
by electricsheep November 03, 2007
Top Definition
Sleeping with a guy's wife, then stealing his breakfast and/or lunch for the next day.
Jim and his wife had a fight, so she called up Timmy and gave him some cold pizza
#cold #pizza #cheating #eating #owned
by Poor Tim Smith August 20, 2008
1. leftover pizza that has been in the refridgerator that is eaten for breakfast.

2. a mediocre morning show on ESPN2 with hosts who know nothing about the sports they cover.
1. I had some cold pizza this morning for breakfast.

2. The only reason I watch Cold Pizza is Thea Andrews, I would tap that.
by cardinal_fan October 12, 2004
Purposely driving slowly which causes the tailgater behind you to be late for a delivery or a meeting.
I was driving and a pizza delivery guy started tailgating me. I slowed right down to be "safe" and the pizza he delivered was so cold. He gave that customer a "cold pizza", no tip for the driver!
#slow it down #freezing #temperature #taste #gross #slice #pepperoni #italian #crust #delivery
by buddy33 April 16, 2010
when a roach or more is smoked in a later smoking session
last night you had some pizza, then desert, then the cold pizza this morning?!?!
#roach #marajuana #pizza #cold #winter #morning #fog #hot box #munchies #mcdonalds
by william&elainesBAKEDGOODS&FOOD December 10, 2008
Early morning sex when he wakes up with a woody and starts knocking on her door, so she rolls over just enough to allow him "access" and it only takes about a minute
Baby? Yes sweet? Can I have some cold pizza? Ugh, I guess so!
#cold #pizza #sex #woody #morning
by sprtydog August 11, 2010
A show only watchable for the extremely hot Thea Andrews.
Cold Pizza would be better with more Thea.
by Adam December 03, 2004
When someone wakes up in the morning only to lick the cold gizz off his or her face from the previous night.
After passing out in the middle of the sex the previous night, Jenny enjoyed some cold pizza upon waking up.
#gizz #jizz #gizm #jizm #kold pizza
by Ebohl July 29, 2006
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