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An ESPN show

pizza that is no longer warm

a great food to eat during a hang over
Cold Pizza, on ESPN, has a hot host on it

the cold pizza needs heated in the microwave

when i woke up this morning i ate some cold pizza because it was the olny thing that looked good on my hangover
by mike1234567890987654321 June 29, 2006
Having sex with a dead body.
"Dahmer was sick with all that cold pizza."
by electricsheep November 03, 2007
Another name for a going down on a girl during her period. Usually performed while extremely drunk and/or hard up for action. Related to: a big glob of cold pizza sauce dripping down your chin, you sick bastard.
It was dark but I could smell it and I could hear the crinkle of her pad... I ate the cold pizza anyway.

Once you eat cold pizza, you are a kool aid man.

I looked in the mirror and saw I had a red goatee shit I ate cold pizza last night.
by dawg2 October 19, 2006