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from MMORPG Maplestory, The most powerful Evil Eye form that resides deep within the Ant Tunnel dungeon. Resistant to ice attacks but weak to fire, they still have all the capabilities of their relatives. Handle with caution. Oddly enough, they also appear in a single tree three maps north of Ellinia. It lives with Drakes, Tauromacis, Wild Cargo, and others of its kind. People who hunt for strong monsters in Dungeon will most likely have to kill a lot of these buggers and get a lot of their infamously low level drop, pink cone hats, as a result.

Cold Eye
Level: 40
HP: 2,000
MP: 50
Avoid: 15
Knockback: 1
EXP: 85
Me: LOL I found a pink cone hat from cold eyes like 10 times now... >__> ITS PISSING ME OFF!!! DX

Buddy: ROFL failed *f3*
by Blackbaibi33 December 13, 2010
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