A guy takes a dump on a pane of glass with a girl lying under it as part of a sex act. See also, "Hot Carl" and "Warm Carl."
by Deuce September 24, 2003
Top Definition
When a young man freezes a sturdy log of his feces and chases a young lady around the house trying to club her with said feces. If he gets a good knock on her noggin with his "Cold Carl" before it melts, he wins!
She was resistant to the Cold Carl at first, but afterward thanked me for the cool, nutty refreshment.
by Matthew CC Gordon July 28, 2010
(n.) When one partner shits on a glass table while the other person sits under the table to watch.
I didn't remember about tonight's dinner party until _after_ she gave me a cold carl.
by Mango January 02, 2003
like a hot carl, only with a glass coffee table in between the two victims
by Anonymous August 23, 2003
When you open the fridge at work (where everybody stores their lunch, etc.) and blast a big fart into it, closing the door quickly afterward.
Our office is having pies later to celebrate birthdays.
I just delivered a Cold Carl into the fridge in which the pies are stored. It'll be funny to watch everybody eat pie later.
by Cornhulio January 18, 2007
When you get schooled by a retard.
Mechanic: "Can you figure out why this lawnmower won't start up? We've tried everything."

Retard: "It ain't got no gas in it."

Mechanic's friend: "Damn you just got a Cold Carl!"
by frenchfriedpotaters January 27, 2009
When you do a chick up the ass and then make her suck the crusted shit left on your cock the next morning.
The morning after I corn-holed your mom, I woke the bitch up with a cold carl.
by Mike Hoxbigge June 17, 2003
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