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Colberting is the act of posting a number of high-resolution images in a thread on an web forum in an attempt to make it difficult for other forum members to read, thereby either slowing or stoping the conversation occuring within it. In practice, pictures of Stephen Colbert are often used as the requisite high-resolution images, but any high-resolution images will do.
I wanted to read Kelly's tribute thread, but it looks like Mikey has been busy Colberting it, and when I opened it my browser crashed.
by wholesomedick October 16, 2006
The act of taking a single pringle chip, topping it with whip cream, and then putting another pringle chip on top of that. Seen on episode 737 of The Colbert Report, done by Stephen Colbert.
Last night I was really tired, and really hungry, lucky for me there were some pringles and whip cream next to me, so I started Colberting!
by URANicePersonN0T March 31, 2010
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