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A complete and utter shithole. The gathering place of many a bogan.
Guy 1 - She's a nice bird.
Guy 2 - Mate, she's from Colac
Guy 1- ........
by mugwumpmugwump May 14, 2011
The creme de la creme place, and birth place (and sometimes home) of shit holes, bogans, in-breds, tools, fuckwits, leeches, druggies and quegs who often relocate to Cairns in North Queensland to live off their in-laws. They then have feral kids who in turn sponge off their grand parents. These off spring then have mongrels to sponge off their great grand parents, et seq....
Hey Crypto; ya still livin in da swamp? Naah... the old reptile's old man has plenty of dough.... I'll git some outta im soon enough matey.... Got a mate back in Colac who is gonna come up n stay for a week (time in finitum)
by QPump August 06, 2011
A Pathetic excuse for a town. Largely populated with Farmers, Bogan's, and Pot-Heads you would be lucky for someone from Colac to know the meaning of the word Computer.
G'day, Where you from?


by ABloke July 25, 2011

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