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Cohl is the most amazing boy in the whole world. He will win your heart in a matter of seconds. His beautiful Green eyes and long eye lashes are his best feature and he has the cutest smile. He always knows what to say to cheer you up. He puts himself down some times, he never thinks he's good enough. He's more than good enough, he's too good. If you're lucky enough to get Cohl. Never let him go.
man, i wish i had a cohl.
by ilyttmab February 13, 2014
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Hot, sexy beast. Has a giant dick.
Girl: Damn have you seen Cohl's dick?
Other Girl: No! But i wanna!
Girl: You should he has a nice one....
by Skittles098 November 10, 2011
a large faggot, ussually morman
man that kid is such a cohl.
by Jordan bitches March 21, 2007

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