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When two people, generally a man and woman but in this day and age it could be any variation of the genders, are living together in a mad frenzy of sex. If say you're "cohabitating" with someone and you're not having sex more often then hormone raged minks, you're not cohabitating.
You will never enjoy the perks of cohabitation, because you're such a fucking retard that you had to use the urban dictionary to find out what it means.
by deathjr November 14, 2003
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The act of usually a man and woman living together having sex and playing "house", pretending to be married but without marriage benefits. Cohabitation is never a good idea for a couple who is possibly considering marriage. If a marriage occurs and is meant to work out, then cohabitation is not necessary and could even lead to a break up--it usually does. Cohabitation is also not necessary because you should be able to know enough about your partner ahead of time before marrying them.

see: living in sin
Sociologists say that cohabitation among a couple before marriage make them more than twice as likely to end up divorced. It is a falacy to believe that cohabitation behooves a couple.
by krock1dk May 28, 2008
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