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General blundering idiot normally with religious backgrounds. Tends to impersonate those smaller than them. Telltale signs of a Coggy are normally a donkey laugh and obsession with bass.
Oh god watch out, Coggys coming.
by Adam Cooper September 16, 2005
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plural form: Coggies

1) Someone whose main concern is fitting in and/or accepts social constructs without question, letting society form them passively.

2) Faceless, corporate workers.

Anish'malad: That douche stopped talking to me when I got this Mohawk. I guess I'm 'too weird' for him now.
Sam: Lame, what a coggy.

Francine: Wow, look at all those coggies! Are there auditions for a clothing commercial close by?
Jeremiah: I don't think so - just a bunch of clone-tards.


Worker: I hate this job! It makes me feel like such a coggy.
Boss: Get a haircut, wear a collar, and shave twice a day or we'll fire you.
by Ayon August 10, 2007

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