A male, usually in his 60's, living in Suburban Philadelphia, that exhibits bad acne scarring on his face, usually disfiguring.
Fred: You still going out with that Coffee Cakes Guy?
Kellie: Nah, I kicked Coffee Cakes to curb months ago.

Dude has acne so bad, there's no recovering from his Coffee Cakes complexion. I feel bad for the fucker.
by KellieV123 October 03, 2007
A discreet euphemism for sexual activities exclusively between English speaking Asian people.
Note: If activities are homosexual in any way then nuts must be mentioned, commonly walnuts.
C: I'm just going off for a bit of coffee cake.
T: Alright! Bring us back a piece.

C: Don't tell anyone, but I fancy a bit of coffee cake with walnuts.
T: There's no shame in having nuts in your butter-cream.
by Cheeseandmarmite2013 August 18, 2013

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