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The aching feeling in your stomach when you drink too much coffee, particularly without eating very much food.
Oh no, I shouldn't have drunk all of that coffee before breakfast, got myself some coffee belly now.
by Angus Fern December 08, 2010
When someone drinks too much coffee and has to dash to the nearest portolet on the construction site.
Someone: "Wait, I have to find a bathroom."

Reply: "Is it coffee belly?"
by as mallgr in July 01, 2009
1. The sloshy, full feeling one gets from drinking too much coffee. Usually happens right before Lunch Time.

2. The lack of appetite due to said coffee consumption.
Kedo: "Hey Perry, It's 11:31, I'm starving. Let's go eat"
Perry: "I just finished a coffee, and I'm gonna wait until this Coffee Belly goes away"
Scott: "What the hell does that mean? You just made that up"
Perry: "Look it up on Urban Dictionary. It is LEGIT."
by Perry27 July 22, 2008