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A particularly malicious hack for its victims, codelingus involves manipulating the email communications or word processing programs of it's victims, in order to create chaos on the job or in personal relationships. For example, the victim may receive a strange request from their boss, follow through with the request, and then later find out their boss never sent the email. By the time the victim has a chance to print out the email, it is gone forever.

Other examples may include, pre- or post-dating documents, tagging documents as being saved by the victim, changing registries of application programs to make documents act a certain way, bloating documents with fake code so they take a long time to load, hacking chat and or other text logs to manipulate dialogue. Codelingus is one reason many folks still print out their emails, and take screen shots of documentation, in order to CYA.
Betty: OMG! This important document that we use as a company reference shows that I opened it, changed all the information to be incorrect, and then saved it on the shared drive. This is codelingus, and not the good kind! Good thing those monkeys were so into creating chaos for me THEY FORGOT THAT I DIDN'T HAVE ACCESS TO THAT SHARED DRIVE BACK THEN.
by literalgrrl December 02, 2011
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