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The act of adding a roofie to the alcoholic beverage of someone you wish to corrupt. Usually in a professional or social situation. The target then acts in a non-professional manner, rendering their reputation (their halo) as questionable at best.
Joe: Dayum, my co-worker was out of her mind last night, hanging on every guy, taking her clothes off, and passing out under the kitchen table. She normally doesn't act like that, i wonder if someone slipped her a halo roofie, she was kinda moving up the corporate ladder way too fast...
by literalgrrl December 02, 2011
1. A SFW (suitable for work) term used (usually in frustration) to describe a woman who is: strong, independent, intelligent (and) attractive; who stands up for herself and voices her opinion, even if it's not what the males in the room want to hear. (aka: F*cking B*tch)

2. Man made B*tch. A formerly sweet, fun, happy girl who used to enjoy the company of men, but would now rather hang with women because she's been targeted by douchebaggery for far too long. As a result, she's either jumped the fence, or become a female version of a douche herself.
1. Joe: That FrankenBetty won't shut the f*ck up. She's so annoying. If she keeps running her mouth off, my wife is going to find out about my extracurricular activities.

2. Joe: I dunno man, that girl looks a little used up, a real FrankenBetty if you ask me. I doubt you'll get her number.
by literalgrrl December 01, 2011
The act of hacking someone's avatar account and telling a loved one or friend of theirs that they have changed avatars (aka - are using an alt). The hacker then continues a relationship (using the alt) with the hackee's friend in order to create chaos between them. Thus, a hacksammich is created.
hacker: Hi "Joe"! It's (hackee)! Wanna hang out?
hackee friend Joe: Der....Okay!!
hacker: Excellent! Tell me something about yourself.

Hacker then does the same thing to the hackee, using an "alt" of Joe's. Thereby creating a "hacksammich" and a vehicle to monitor and edit information passed between the two original friends. Chaos ensues.
by literalgrrl November 30, 2011
A person that targets and technologically isolates a woman's online activities - either with or without her knowledge, with the intent to manage her Real Life liaisons. Usually through online dating sites, or virtual worlds; the "NetPimp" then arranges for her to hookup with his circle of friends. Either for money or power...or both.
Joe: Dude, I made sure this Betty doesn't see any other dating profiles but yours. Good thing you have, like, 12. She's about desperate now, I've made sure no one's been talking to her for months - go for it!

Dude: Hey thanks Joe! You the MAN - no, you the NetPIMP! I owe you!
by literalgrrl December 02, 2011
A particularly malicious hack for its victims, codelingus involves manipulating the email communications or word processing programs of it's victims, in order to create chaos on the job or in personal relationships. For example, the victim may receive a strange request from their boss, follow through with the request, and then later find out their boss never sent the email. By the time the victim has a chance to print out the email, it is gone forever.

Other examples may include, pre- or post-dating documents, tagging documents as being saved by the victim, changing registries of application programs to make documents act a certain way, bloating documents with fake code so they take a long time to load, hacking chat and or other text logs to manipulate dialogue. Codelingus is one reason many folks still print out their emails, and take screen shots of documentation, in order to CYA.
Betty: OMG! This important document that we use as a company reference shows that I opened it, changed all the information to be incorrect, and then saved it on the shared drive. This is codelingus, and not the good kind! Good thing those monkeys were so into creating chaos for me THEY FORGOT THAT I DIDN'T HAVE ACCESS TO THAT SHARED DRIVE BACK THEN.
by literalgrrl December 02, 2011
Technological and/or personal isolation, or real life acts of mayhem, usually by an organization or group, in order to “break down” a target so they’re sufficiently oppressed and more apt to believe or follow their beliefs. Usually targeting women or minority groups, this can involve the following:

1) destruction of personal property (ie., computers, car tires or engines)

2) isolation of loved ones and support structures (usually technologically via phones or Internet)

3) financial oppression - stolen identity, bank account fraud

4) mayhem in and around the home (food poisoning, clothing destruction, electrical power surges or outages, messing with animals)
5) targeted mayhem outside the home, including but not limited to: overt stalking, road rage

Most mayhem is deemed to be "accidental" by the victim, unless said victim sees mayhem-doers speeding away in a vehicle packed with wierd household shit, or the same vehicle trying to run them off the road, or tracks a stalker attempting to hack their computer at a local coffee shop, or until a hidden skype cam is set up within the home to remotely witness such events.
Jenny: I have been having all these wierd fucking events happen to me in the past year. I think I'll investigate if I'm a victim of Religion-holing.
by literalgrrl December 03, 2011

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