An inconspicuous way of telling your friends that you see an attractive girl.
Dude, Code Blue 12-o'clock!
by ralber November 14, 2007
Top Definition
The act of receiving a 'blow job' in your workplace's freezer
See Eric over there, he's the man, he received a 'Code Blue' a couple years back.
by luke7nukem October 02, 2010
Used over public announcement PA systems to alert staff members of a medical emergency.
"Code Blue, Level 2. Code Blue. Level 2."
by Zoe January 28, 2005
A term used to refer to an escalating situation or danger.
"Hey, those chavs over there are looking mighty suspicious."
"Dude, they're coming over here - code blue!"
by codeblue July 26, 2005
this is when you go out to eat, usually with friends, and while in the car on the ride back you have to take a shit so bad you can taste it. You yell out "Code Blue!" This lets everyone in the car know that its an emergency and if they don't pull over right away your going to shit your pants.
Oh no! Ive got a Code Blue! Pull the fucking car over befor I shit it full.
by Big City February 06, 2008
what nurses/doctors say if you stop breathing, your heart stops, or you die of other causes
nurse a: CODE BLUE, "CODE BLUE, Get a crash cart up here stat"
doctor: "bob's dead"
bob's children after hearing the code: "HOLLY SHIT, I can't wait to collect the insurance money.
by john doe 12345 April 11, 2006
Message given to coworkers or friends, when you notice a hot chick and you want them to check her out.
Hey Scott, it's Josh, in I.T. I got a code-blue out in the hall, you need to take a look.
by eatdirtfartdust January 14, 2009
When a guy gets blue balls and later has to talk about it to his friends, but doesn't want everyone to hear.
(in a public place)

Jeremy: Hey man, did you get laid by that bitch you took home last night?

Kevin: Code blue. Dumb cunt passed out.

Jeremy: Ouch!
by AntwaanBreezy July 08, 2010
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