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An Intense Dense amount of Awesomness

Created By-Phillip Defranco and Code10Productions
Guy 1- Thats a code 10
Guy 2- Hell Yeahhhh
by Code10Productions December 26, 2008
Code 10 is an intense dense amount of awesome in a small area also known as defranco fever.
"Damn sxephils here! Code 10!"
by TheForkinator December 26, 2008
intense, dense, ammount of awsomeness in a small ammount of space.
The Phillip Defranco show is code 10
by CTGuyton December 26, 2008
Put this dick on ya fo head so it can stay on ya mind .
When your chick going out to the club without permission yell code 10
by dredayfrmthabay June 10, 2016
Refers to someone you know who is annoying, but nothing more.
"Man, lookout. Code 10 coming this way".
by IRT July 20, 2009
A definition used commonly by male best buy associates. This term means that there is an extremely hot customer in the store. The announcement usually indicates what department the customer is located in.
"Code 10, Wireless"
Hey man theres a code 10 over there!
by Best Buy February 27, 2008
term used when the police arrive/ are on the way..
SHIT!!!! CODE 10 THE PO-LICE ARE HERE!!! run bitch run!!!!
by Nate-dizzle September 08, 2005
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