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When a girl gets her period and talks about it openly it will sometimes be called code red in front of any male listeners to prevent making the conversation awkward or uncomfortable in any way

by HHEELLPP April 14, 2009
Something one girls says to another when she notices the other girl has ''leaked''on her clothes during that time of the month
Oh crap,Sarah, code red. You have some vaginal blood on the back of your jeans. Here, use my sweater to hide the stain. I want it back tomarrow. CLEAN!
by TIZZOM August 25, 2004
thats a girl that u don even want to have her look at you...shes so ugly that you need a cross and holly water to get rid of her...also known as mark of he beast.
jaquan loves code reds.
by cf game December 30, 2009
An extremely ugly girl, usually spotted at clubs or parties, who thinks she's bangin hot and acts like it too. She hits on the guys like there's no tomorrow, and if they are wasted enough they might be tempted to hit that shit up.

A girl who is seen as the ugliest code red of all is often referred to as a code death.

If the girl is wearing red, then she is literally a code red.
"Aaron, quit dancing with that code red dude!"
"Aaron! CODE RED! Exit the dance floor!"
"That code red is soo ugly"
"I can't believe you hooked up with that code red."

by LFM April 03, 2007