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A state of mind whereby one has completely been immersed in the gameplay of Call of Duty.
Brucey: dude look at him, he is totally in the zone playing COD isnt he lads?

Lad: he's got cod eye alriet.
by girlindazone December 11, 2010
4 9
Someone with a glazed expression, usually from alcohol intoxication or general gormlessness, along with little or no eyelashes (like a fish).
Look at Natalie... she has cod eye!
by Anny Beaverhousen May 16, 2006
63 28
someone with enlarged or bulging eyes protruding from the scull
shellYYYY the cod eyed slag
by george00000000000000000001 August 09, 2005
39 25
The feeling in your eyes, after playing an hours of call of duty in the dark, when the light gets turned on
"turns on lights"
Bob: Ahhhh why did you do that?
Craig: You have been playing for hours man go get some food
Bob: I cant now, I have COD Eyes
by J Spin November 04, 2011
12 1
Pronounced either "Kod-eyes" or "C.O.D eyes".

A word Refering to the series of action packed first person shooter game titled "Call of Duty". Describing the ability obtained only through playing the game so much your eyes notice things faster then the normal human beings eyes would. Thus, giving you a abnormal physical reflex aswell.
Guy 1-"Dude watchout that cup is about to fall off the table!"

He runs to cup and catches it in midair.

Guy 2-"Man how did you do that!?!?"

Guy 1- "Gah i dont know but i got to get back to playing Call Of Duty or im never going to hit tenth prestige!"

Guy 2- "I wish I had CODEYES like you!!!"

::cry sniff sniff cry::
by Gabesuckapunch September 28, 2009
9 1
when one eye is somewhat out of shape and is looking in a different direction to the other eye
a cod's eyes, hence...codeye
by uel May 27, 2005
10 3
This is a gaming term relating to first person shooters (FPS) predominantly Call of Duty. It means a gamer whose reactions and hand-eye coordination are very high. It can be a permanent state or a temporary state.
"I'm playing really well I have my CoD eye in."
by MemphisJaxx March 14, 2013
2 0
When you are having sex with a girl from behind and you remove your dick from the pink 'hammersmith and city line' and you aim for the brown 'bakerloo line', the girl will often give you a glaring look with over her left or right shoulder with one eye. This action replicates a free swimming cod when being chased by prey, they too will glance back with one eye open hence called 'the cod eye'.
"Look at that dusty slut over there, i bet you she likes a good cod eye!"
"That 2 bit crack whore i picked up last Friday night gave me an awesome cod eye!"
"I look forward to seeing the cod eye from my wife tonight, she hasn't given it to me in ages"
by blacksheepboy December 10, 2013
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