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The act of a woman/man dropping their dingleberries in an empty bowl. A lactating woman must then squeeze her milk into the bowl for the man/woman to consume. Best served WITHOUT a spoon, almost like bobbing for apples.
I heard Steve's girlfriend served him a mean bowl of cocoa puffs the morning after prom.
by SE779 April 12, 2011
38 17
marijuana that has been laced with coke
Those cocoa puffs I smoked the other day FUCKED me up.
by L motha fuckin A May 19, 2004
207 78
The chocolaty breakfast cereal!
I'm coo coo for Cocoa Puffs!
by Taychu August 27, 2007
112 41
a joint of pot with cocaine in the center
Roll me a cocoa puff, I just score some coke (i.e. cocaine).
by rocky August 07, 2003
80 40
Is when you put cocaine on top of pot and then smoke it.
your mama cocoa puffo your mama cocoa puffy your mama cocoa puff
by larry's boy October 16, 2006
40 35
fat black girls, the kind you do NOT want to cover in any white liquids.
John: "I'm cuckoo for cocoa puffs!!!"
Mike: "Dude, not cool..."
by gwu March 06, 2011
24 23
Cocoa puffs is a term Anika will never understand. We've been playing this trick on her that's caused her to go crazy. Going up to strangers asking them what cocoa puffs means. Then telling people she has ten, then saying that her's are delicious.
Wow, Anika, can't believe you got tricked by us. Cocoa puffs are a good cereal though, be sure to have some!
by chachacha and her sidekicks March 03, 2011
13 16