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An idiot of the highest degree
Why that cockwomble Neil Doncaster has sat on his arse for so long is unbelievable.
by Hairbear May 24, 2012
20 2
The best insult known to man!
Don't speak to that guy, he's a complete cockwomble!
by Uncle Psychosis September 15, 2004
140 22
Male-directed insult. Also describes the tendency to rummage in your underwear massaging ones genitals as if looking for litter to pick up (hence womble )
Look at that guy. He is such a cockwomble.
by Covbaby April 02, 2012
51 2
When a man dresses up in a wobble outfit and only his cock is hanging out and he has sex with someone.
"so how was sex with Jim last night?"
"it was so bad he totally cockwombled me!"
by womblers January 27, 2014
0 3