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The best insult known to man!
Don't speak to that guy, he's a complete cockwomble!
by Uncle Psychosis September 15, 2004
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Male-directed insult. Also describes the tendency to rummage in your underwear massaging ones genitals as if looking for litter to pick up (hence womble )
Look at that guy. He is such a cockwomble.
#wanker #dickhead #nobber #womble #politician
by Covbaby April 02, 2012
An idiot of the highest degree
Why that cockwomble Neil Doncaster has sat on his arse for so long is unbelievable.
#idiot #numpty #pillock #twat #prick
by Hairbear May 24, 2012
An overly officious oaf or spiteful person.

Someone who takes great delight in the misery of others by being deliberately obtuse and ignorant.
"I couldn't get into the nightclub. That cockwomble on the door said I didn't look like the photo on my ID card!"

"That cockwomble neighbour has let his dog shit on my lawn again!"
#womble #cock #idiot #obtuse #officious
by Celebavari March 31, 2014
A completely useless person that spouts constant bullshit
That Andrew Baron is such a Cockwomble
#womble #cock #prick #dickhead #arsehole
by Cockwombler October 02, 2015
The entire following of Britain First, EDL, BNP, NWI, National Action, Infidels of Britain, Yorkshire casuals, kkk, NF and every other racist movement in existence anywhere in the world, spouting their ignorant bullshit. Intolerant arseholes.
Listen to those ignorant cockwombles, with their bullshit rhetoric.
I hope their children marry foreigners.
by MagnificentLeftie October 29, 2015
Anybody who supports far right politics, Neo Nazism
Paul Golding and Co are cockwombles
#cockwomble #asshat #britain first #jayda fransen #twat
by LeftyWefty July 25, 2015
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