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a wagon that gladly takes aboard cock / cocks. This insult has two levels, the first being that they are associated with cocks, whilst the second implies that they take on cocks regularly and the choice of wagon is perhaps the worst possible vehicle to apply deepening the insult further.

Man1: I would begg it off of anyone, I would even begg it to a cock

Man2: Get away from me you cock wagon

by Willis McGee July 20, 2006
18 8
A person who by complaining about another person reveals that they are in fact the problem.
Chuck: Hahaha - some guy parked his car too close to mine so I keyed his car. I R the greatest.

Tom: Dude you're a cockwagon.
by Howl42 May 27, 2009
5 1
Phrase used when under extreme stress or trying to make people leave you alone by acting like you have turrets.
While sitting around doing nothing Jim just started yelling "COCK WAGON WAGON WAGON WAGON"
by benny 64 January 27, 2009
6 4
To sneak out or leave work early by catching a ride with the boss or supervisor

Riding with a boss or supervisor for personal benefit.
" hey where's randy? Oh he jumped aboard the cock wagon, he's long gone"
by Actual truck guy January 30, 2014
1 0
the equivalent of calling someone a dick and a jack-wagon at the same time; a person who is both ignorant of his environment and still a complete asshole.
Jim: Hey girls, you know I'm the best you'll ever get, and I know you want me, but you know i'm busy tonight, so maybe some other time.
*Jim leaves*

Girl one: Jim lets his ego go to his head, and he's really not that cute at all. AND I'm not interested at all.

Girl two: Yeah, you're right. He's a cock-wagon.
by Beatle Bundy August 11, 2011
1 0
To be consistantly un-employed due to termination. To consistantly over exagagerate and lie. To consistantly tell people of magical cars and engines that never make it to the race track.
Can u believe the bullshit that comes out of that cockwagons mouth??
by Bill McGay February 16, 2008
3 5
A chick who rides so quite the bit of peepee.
Holy shit, the cock wagon has labias to her fuckin knees!
by Luke October 05, 2004
3 15