A genre of film, the word is adapted from the Documentary genre, its essentially the same but more hardcore and without so much narration. Adult entertainment films, porn, specifically involving Gentlemen or bros
Hey, how about we put on that Cockumentary I was telling you about Big Sticks and get bizzeh
by Russell Russell Love Muscle June 08, 2010
Top Definition
n. The history of a cock as it appears from the cock's point of view in various documentary-style video clips. Typically filmed in the first person, a cockumentary includes, but is not limited to:

Point of view blowjobs
Ejaculations in the eye
Face-Cock slappings

Pronunciation: cauk-u-men-ter-E;
Inflected Form(s): plural cock·u·men·ta·ries

A cockumentary is often seen on the Internet after a bad relationship breakup and typically involves a collection of videos involving women that the star of the film, the cock, has rammed in it's lifetime.

Also known as a Cock Documentary
Ex. Hey kids! I found the Cockumentary from back in college when I met your mother! You kids want to see where you came from?
by VRH October 30, 2007
A documentary where the main character is a male homosexual.
A current example of a cockumentary would be HBO's "Behind the Candleabra" (Starring Michael Douglass and Matt Damon), which is a documentary about Liberacé.
by Aaron Hungwell June 13, 2013
A film or other visual media, centered around pornographic imagery of a penis in action.
Wow Jenn, did you see the latest film by naughty by nature productions? No? Best cockumentary of the year.
by bigolthang October 01, 2009
A porno mock version of an actual film.
Cockumentary: Edward Penishands
by Hipz November 28, 2009
A cinematic adventure that is half porn, half documentary, typically consisting of an educational sexual suggestion followed by some kind of moral and/or virtuous life lesson. In this genre, the cockumentary plays emphasis on the male genitals, and is advised to be viewed by those of the female gender, or homosexual men.
Did you see that cockumentary that was playing at the theater last night?

Yeah, I thought it was fantastic! I went home, fucked my husband, then prayed about it for an hour.
by pseudomine December 07, 2009
It's a gay porno in the Michael Moore style.
Michael Moore is famous for his controversial cockumentaries.
by Dr.Mentary September 27, 2004
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